London coal mine scientist found skull of 319 million-year-old ray-finned fish

Oldest Fish Skull: American and British researchers have discovered a 319-million-year-old fish skull in a coal mine in England. By scanning the skull of this ancient fish, the researchers discovered a well-preserved vertebrate brain. The fossil is the only known specimen of the fish species, so scientists from the University of Michigan in the US and the University of Birmingham in the UK used the computed tomography (CT) technique to peer inside. your skull and examine its internal parts.

see vertebrate brain tissue

After using the computed tomography (CT) technique, the scientists found an unknown spot on the CT scan, in which the scientists saw vertebrate brain tissue. It showed hollow spaces similar to ventricles and scattered tissue in the neuron of the skull. Co-author Sam Giles, a vertebrate paleontologist and principal investigator at the University of Birmingham, told CNN on Thursday (February 2).

ray-finned fish

The fish discovered by the researchers was a ray-finned fish of a C. wilde species. According to the researchers, its length was 6 to 8 inches. It swam in the estuary and used to eat small aquatic animals and insects that were in the water. According to the study, the brains of ray-finned fish display structural features not seen in other vertebrates. In particular, the front was shaped similar to that of a brain, containing neural tissue, which was folded outward. In other vertebrates, this neural tissue folds inward. New information related to fish can be obtained from the research.

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