Love for PM Modi | Farmer went crazy for PM Modi, kissed after seeing photo on bus, video went viral



New Delhi: Often, you must have seen many videos that go viral on social media, but the video we are going to show you today is quite different. In this video, a person is seen getting emotional after seeing the photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This person is the first to speak as she looks at the photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a bus and not only that but then she kisses this photo lovingly. This person wishes Prime Minister Modi for doing a good job. PM also thanks Modi for getting Rs 1000 into the post office account.

Praise for work done by Modi

In this viral video, Modi has been described as the Prime Minister who won the hearts of the world. This video is from Karnataka. Let us tell you that this person seen in the video is said to be a farmer from Karnataka. In the video you can see that this person gets very excited when he sees the photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the bus. This time this person is praising the work done by PM Modi and is kissing the photo of him with emotion.

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The farmer said…

In the video, the farmer says: “PM Modi has given him everything. 1000 rupees have come to his post account. PM Modi has increased it by Rs 500. PM Narendra Modi has brought happiness to his life. PM Modi has given.” He was promised Rs 5 lakh a year. The Prime Minister has won the whole world. We bow down to him.

viral video

In such a situation, now this video is going viral on social media. This video shows how much love people have for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Not only that, the benefits of the Central Government schemes seem to be trickling down to the common man, the last person in society. The special thing is that the villagers have benefited from these schemes very easily. In such a situation, Prime Minister Modi is getting a lot of love and respect in the country.

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