Maharashtra Fire | Fierce fire at cable store in Sambhajinagar; firefighters on the scene

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Sambhaji Nagar: A great news comes out from Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar. A fire broke out at a cable store across from Prozone Mall here. 3 or 4 fire trucks and a tanker truck have arrived at the site and the work to extinguish the fire continues.

In this fire that broke out in the morning, many goods in the store were reduced to ashes. However, what caused the fire. No information has been found yet. Fortunately, there was no loss of life in this incident.

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There has also been a big fire accident in Kanpur. A massive fire broke out in the Basmandi area of ​​Kanpur. The air tower building located in the area suffered a loss of crores of rupees due to the fire. In this accident, more than 500 stores in the building were destroyed. Firefighters have arrived at the scene and efforts are being made to put out the fire.

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