Maharashtra Politics | Modi has outgrown the Sangh, attempts at dictatorship in the country: former Moghe minister

Shivajirao Moghe

Nagpur. Attacking the BJP, former minister Shivajirao Moghe said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become bigger than the Sangh. They don’t even listen to the Sangh. This did not happen even during the time of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Day by day the situation in the country is getting worse. He was speaking at the Press Council. Under his leadership, an agitation was organized on behalf of OBC, SC, ST and minority cells against the BJP government in Constitution Chowk. He said that for the first time in the country’s history, a majority government based on money is formed. Efforts are being made to eliminate small parties.

Opposition leaders are being smeared by putting investigative agencies after them. Regarding the cancellation of Rahul Gandhi’s membership, he said that before in 85 percent of defamation cases there was a sanction in the form of punishment, but today the leader of the national party is given a 2-year sentence and is given lower the deputy immediately. He has been given a notice to vacate the official residence. All of this is an attempt to end democracy and bring in dictatorship. Namdev Usendi, Govind Bhandarkar, Wasim Khan, Rahul Gharde, Fazal Rahman, Pradeep Masram, Dashrath Madavi, Sanjay Dudhe were present at the Press Council.

Job done, many lives lost

Moghe said that Rahul Gandhi was keeping the truth in front of the public by going to Parliament and on the road to protest against the corruption and dictatorship of the Modi government. Fearing that the public would join him through his Bharat Jodo Yatra, the Modi government colluded and canceled his MP on the basis of the Surat court decision. Jobs are being lost due to the privatization of government companies. Many lives were lost due to demonetization. More than 700 peasants died in the peasant movement. Parliament is deadlocked on the Adani case. The government does not respond. If it continues like this, after 2024 there will be a dictatorship in the country or there will be a presidential democracy, it is cause for concern.

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