Maharashtra Politics | The distribution of seats will be decided by the leadership, Bawankule said the NDA is preparing to win 200 seats in the assembly elections.


Nagpur. BJP State Chairman Chandrashekhar Bawankule said in Nagpur after the uproar over the seat-sharing declaration that the BJP will contest the election in alliance with 48 Lok Sabha and 288 Assembly seats in Maharashtra. In which the NDA constituents will be included. Under the coordination and central leadership of CM Eknath Shinde, DCM Devendra Fadnavis, we are preparing to win 200 seats. I was discussing with the journalists. He said that the distribution of seats in the elections will be decided by the central and state leadership. At present, no formula has been fixed and there has been no discussion. The preparations we make will be useful for the Shiv Sena and the preparations made by the Shiv Sena will only be useful for the BJP.

The opposition should not engage in low-level politics

In the context of Amrita Fadnavis filing a complaint with the police in the bribery case, Bawankule said that in the context of the complaint, the DCM has said in the House that everything will be clear after the investigation. They cannot support such cases. He is being wrongly accused. Opponents should not make low-level accusations for politics. Under his leadership, efforts are being made to bring the state to the number one position, thus the work of smearing his family began. He called for closing this matter and discussing the work of MLA.

Patole must not speak in a religious context

Bawankule said that in other religious programs there are sarcastic comments, it does the job of creating tension in the society, where Nana Patole does not speak anything and only opposes those who speak of Hindu ideology.

Election Suspended Due to NCP

On Ajit Pawar’s accusation of delaying local body elections, Bawankule said he should understand that the matter of local body elections is in the Supreme Court. One of the 3 petitions is from the Nationalist Congress. So the outcome of the case will not come soon, so Ajit Pawar is not responsible for that? He asked if the NCP is not responsible for the election hanging.

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