Mangalyaan is ‘sending cool tweets’

Tweets made by Mangalyaan so far

image Source, ISRO


Tweets made by Mangalyaan so far

ISRO has started a Twitter handle as soon as Mangalyaan enters the elliptical orbit of Mars.

The tweets are being made on behalf of Mangalyaan from this Twitter account called @MarsOrbiter.

So far, three messages on behalf of Mangalyaan have been posted on this account.

In his first tweet, @MarsOrbiter said:

“The one that’s red… that’s a planet… and that’s the focus of my class?”

So far 15 thousand people have followed this identifier. And these numbers are continually increasing.

cool tweet

By the way, the tweets from this account are pretty cool. Mangalyaan says this in his second tweet at 8:44 am today:

I’ll come after breakfast. This sunlight! This is good for your battery.

The third tweet is in the name of NASA’s Mars Curiosity mission. ‘Mars Curiosity’ has been studying the surface of Mars since August 5, 2012.

By the way, NASA Twitter user by the name of Mars Curiosity has also welcomed Mangalyaan into Mars orbit.

“I welcome the new Mars Orbiter. Welcome.”

As Mangalyaan settled into Mars orbit, this tweet came from Curiosity (@MarsCuriosity):

“Hello @MarsOrbiter. Congratulations @ISRO.”

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