Mangalyaan went through these 8 stages

Indian Space Agency ISRO’s Mangalyaan has been established in orbit of the Red Planet. ISRO has started receiving congratulations from all over the world.

India’s Mars mission has also become the first such mission to be established in Mars orbit at one time.

The story of Mangalyaan reaching Mars orbit from Earth has gone through many important stages.

Let’s take a look at those important milestones:

1. Mangalyaan flew on a rocket

The Mars Orbiter Mission i.e. Mangalyaan, which is about the size of a nano car and weighs about 1350 kg, was launched from Sriharikota on the afternoon of November 5 last year with a PSLV rocket.

2. Mangalyaan Guidance System Check

The Mangalyaan guidance system was tested six times between November 7 and 16. The objective was for the vehicle to acquire the necessary speed to get out of Earth’s gravity.

3. Direction to Mars, outside the influence of Earth.

The Trans Mars injection, that is, the process of directing Mangalyaan towards the Red Planet in space, began on December 1 last year and on December 4, the vehicle was turned off with an ‘Earth impact’. Some more improvements were made to the address on December 11.

4. One Hundred Days of Mangalyaan

image Source, ISRO


Mangalyaan is about the size of a Nano car and weighs 1350 kg.

ISRO’s Mangalyaan completed its hundred days in space on February 12 this year.

5. Halfway completed, plus direction correction

Moving towards Mars at a steady pace, Mangalyaan covered half the distance on April 9. Following this, her direction improved once more in June.

6. Earth’s message to Mangalyaan

On 14 and 15 September the necessary commands were sent to Mangalyaan related to its establishment in Mars orbit.

7. The most important proof of Mangalyaan floating in space

Around 9 am on September 22, Mangalyaan reached the region affected by the gravity of the Red Planet. After about five and a half hours, the vehicle’s liquid apogee engine, that is, the liquid engine, was tested by running it for four seconds.

This was a major test as this engine was running after almost 300 days.

8. Mangalyaan in the orbit of the Red Planet

On the morning of September 24, at 7:17 a.m. and 32 seconds, ISRO activated its liquid engine to slow the vehicle. ISRO received Mangalyaan’s message at around 8am, after which its success was confirmed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present at the ISRO command center to take a close look at the success of Mangalyaan.

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