Manmohan doesn’t mind media image: Montek

September 19, 2012

Montek Singh says Manmohan Singh is not worried about his image in America

Montek Singh says Manmohan Singh is not worried about his image in America

Montek Singh Ahluwalia, deputy chairman of the Planning Commission, has categorically denied that the Indian Government has sprung into action and announced retail FDI and other reforms only after heavy criticism from foreign media.

He also expressed the hope that if all goes well internally, a growth rate of 8.2 can be achieved.

In a exclusive interview granted to BBCMontek Singh Ahluwalia denied that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is overly concerned about his image in the United States.

In recent months, many foreign newspapers and magazines have written articles criticizing Manmohan Singh, where he is even called a laggard.

Although Manmohan Singh has also been criticized in the Indian media, has the Prime Minister been more responsive to criticism from foreign media?

On this BBC question, Ahluwalia said: “It shows that the foreign press started publishing Indian news very late. We were already in the process of implementing all the reforms.”

‘There are also problems at the national level

Montek Singh Ahluwalia admitted that in the race for development, India also has to face many problems at the national level.

He said: “The rate of economic growth has slowed down all over the world and India has also been affected by this. It is also true that India had to face many problems at the domestic level. In reality, our system has become accustomed to operating according to a pattern. Then all of a sudden the work started moving quickly in some places, while in other areas it couldn’t move as fast. We have to remove these internal barriers.

Manmohan Singh’s government has also been criticized for the fact that there is complete political paralysis in the country and the growth rate figures are continually going wrong.

The BBC asked Ahluwalia why the mood was suddenly described as so positive after announcing the new reforms.

On this, he said: “We are not saying that now that the government has taken two or three new steps, suddenly the growth rate will increase. We have prepared a detailed roadmap for reforms: agricultural reforms, a better way to provide subsidies, increasing government efficiency, and creating a favorable environment for business.

Ahluwalia expected that the current uncertainties at the international level would gradually end and India’s growth rate should be around 8.2.

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