Military airstrikes in Myanmar, opposition and human rights organizations demand a ban on jet fuel | Myanmar Crisis: Army Takes Part in Crackdown on Myanmar Protests, Attacks Chinese Planes, Kills Ordinary People, Appeals to World of Human Rights Organizations

Myanmar Military Airstrikes: Due to the military rule in India’s neighboring country, Myanmar, the condition of the people is bad. The Myanmar military does not even allow peaceful protests to take place anywhere. In some places, the army is targeting the crowd with fighter jets. Bombs rain down from the sky, in which many women, children and the elderly have lost their lives.

According to media reports, on January 19, some people were gathering in a gang for a program in the Sagaing area of ​​Myanmar. There, a young man named Naing Ko was standing some distance from the pandal. At the same time, fighter jets appeared in the sky. Those planes started dropping bombs as soon as they arrived. People ran into the pandal to escape. But there was fire everywhere. Eight people, including Naing’s mother, lost their lives in the attack by Myanmar army planes. People say that the Myanmar army is killing people here with airstrikes like this. The special thing is that the planes from which the attacks are being carried out are Chinese fighter planes.

Army using jet fuel from a civilian airline

To prevent attacks on ordinary people, many human rights organizations and countries have now demanded a ban on giving jet fuel to Myanmar. According to the Al Jazeera report, the Myanmar opposition is also demanding Myanmar’s power to ban jet fuel. Earlier, in November of last year, there were allegations against the military that it was using jet fuel intended for civilian airlines in combat planes.

A military dictator now rules Myanmar, who had overthrown the democratic government. Now there are reports of elections that have been held here for a long time. The United Nations has expressed its concern many times.

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