Modified Nissan Ariya electric car flagged for details of 27,000km pole-to-pole expedition

Nissan has unveiled the exclusive Ariya all-electric custom SUV, which has been specially designed for the 27,000 km journey from the South Pole to the North Pole. Nissan says it took the company four full years to create this campaign-modified model of the Ario. Although many vehicle manufacturers prepare their vehicles for long-distance travel, what is special here is that an electric car will complete this 27,000-kilometre journey.

Nissan has reported that it has teamed up with founder and Pole-to-Pole adventurer Chris Ramsey for this trip, who, along with his wife Julie, drives a custom-built Ariya e-Force that will be taken from the North to the South Pole. . Pole. Ramsey is also a Guinness World Record holder.

Pole to Pole is a journey of approximately 27,000 km, starting at the North Pole and ending at the South Pole, passing through 14 different countries. This trip is a Ramsey planned campaign. If successful, the modified Ariya electric car will be the first vehicle to complete the journey.

The custom built Ariya is designed to handle everything from snowy roads to jungle to rocky terrain with ease. Nissan says modifications have been kept to a minimum, meaning no changes have been made to the battery or powertrain. It has 39-inch wheels, as well as additional suspension paired with Nissan’s e-4ORCE AWD technology.

Explain that the Ariya EV is the second electric car in the Nissan fleet after the Leaf EV. The company claims that thanks to the 87 kWh capacity battery, the Ariya is capable of offering a range of 304 miles (about 490 km) on a full charge. The electric car can generate a maximum power of 389 hp.

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