Mother and daughter burned alive while eliminating the invasion in Kanpur Dehat

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A mother and her daughter were burned alive while removing the encroachment from village community land in Madauli village under Rura Police Station in Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh.

Regarding the incident, SP Kanpur Dehat BBGTS Murthy informed the local he said while speaking to the media“The SDM had arrived here with some officials to remove a fence, they were removing (cerrotazo), we are realizing that a woman and her daughter who were inside the hut, set themselves on fire, both have died. “

But the family has accused a local administration employee of starting the fire.

When the hut caught fire, the victim Krishna Kumar Dixit was also inside.

He alleges that the people from the administration set fire to his house at the request of some people from the town. However, the local DM has denied these allegations and said that a fair investigation into the matter is underway.

Krishna Kumar Dixit told the media who arrived at the scene: “We were inside. We got out, they (wife and daughter) couldn’t get out.”

Speaking to local media, Shivam Dixit, son of Krishna Kumar Dixit, alleges: “People from the administration and some people who lived together in the village burned down the house. We were inside. We could only go out. The temple was broken, it broke .the faucet. They all fell over and caught fire. Went to DM, no hearing held. No one did anything.”

Shivam Dixit alleges that the administration people fled after the fire broke out.

Shivam Dixit states, “Before this, I also went to the DM’s place, but no hearing took place. After that, it happened.”

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The Samajwadi party raised questions about the incident.

The Samajwadi Party media cell tweeted video of the incident, writing: “Pramila Dixit, Krishna Gopal Dixit and Neha Dixit set themselves on fire after being bulldozed and bulldozed by DM, SDM and Lekhpal in Maitha, Kanpur.”

“Police administration had killed Balwant Singh in Kanpur, even now the administration is becoming the cause of killing innocent people. Shameful! Giving compensation to the government.”

Regarding these allegations by the Dixit family, Kanpur Dehat DM Neha Jain told the BBC by phone: “We will never do this. There is also video evidence of this incident.”

The DM also says that management had removed only one tubewell, “the family was making a platform for a Shivling and making it more concrete.”

The DM says: “The family had invaded the land of the village society. We had received a complaint in the public court. We usually say that the land of the government should not be invaded.”

DM has also shared a video related to the incident taken by the administration with the BBC.

Regarding the video, Neha Jain says: “The SDM went to the place with force. The invasion was being eliminated in the presence of father and son.”

“Suddenly two women arrived on the scene and in a short time, before anyone could do anything, they were burned.”

“Our SHO also tried to escape and his hand was burned. We have a video to prove our point. Every time we go to eliminate invasions, we film it.”

Describing the incident as tragic, the DM says, “The accusations leveled against us are wrong.”

She told the BBC that she is conducting an impartial investigation into the entire incident.

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