Motion Sensor Light or Bulb for Bathroom Stairs Almirah Know How It Works

Motion Sensor Light: You must have noticed that when you go to a nice resort or hotel, in some places the lights turn on when you enter. However, not all resorts or hotels use such lights. By the way, the light we are talking about turns on when we are in front of it and turns off when we move away from it. Actually, motion sensor is installed in such lights, so the light turns on and off after detecting a moving object (human being). The special thing is that there are many cheap options available on the market for these types of lights.

We have brought an affordable option for you. If you also want to use these types of lights in your home, then this news is useful for you.

motion sensor led bulb
If you want a light bulb that turns on and off with movement, you can buy it on Amazon. Philips Motion Sensor B22 LED Bulb can go with You can put it in your bathroom or door. You will easily get this bulb within Rs.500. It is like a normal light bulb, you just have to fix it in the lamp holder. It will turn off automatically if there is no movement.

motion sensor light
If you want a motion sensor light for your wardrobe or stairs, you can check VROKLA motion sensor light on Amazon. One piece will cost around Rs 300 while you can get a bigger discount by buying two pieces. The special thing about this light is that it comes with USB charging. The company claims that the light fully charges in 2 hours.

The light will turn on automatically when the thief comes
With this type of lights you get a maximum distance sensor of up to 6 meters. Most of the lights have 360 ​​degree movement access. If you want, you can also use this type of light in windows and doors. With this, if someone tries to secretly break into your house, then the light will turn on and you will be alert.

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