MP Shrirang Barne | Ravet embankment water is polluted, PCMC should dispose of dirty water: MP Shrirang Barne

Shrirang Barne

Pimpri: The water from the Ravet Embankment built on the Pawana River has been contaminated. Faced with such a situation, the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation should stop drawing water from there for the residents of the city. Instead of Ravet, efforts should be made to draw water from the Shivne embankment. Maval Lok Sabha MP Shrirang Barne has given this suggestion to the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation management at a review meeting on the outstanding issues of the town. For this, he has given instructions to acquire land for the laying of Shivne pipelines.

Close attention should be paid to the water problem in the town of Pimpri-Chinchwad. After taking water from the Ravet dam built on the Pavana River, it is supplied to the city after being processed at the Nigdi water purification center. Although the water from the Ravet embankment has become highly polluted. The possibility that this water affects the health of many people cannot be ruled out. Several drainage lines within the boundaries of the Dehurod Cantonment Board drain directly into the river water. A separate line must be taken for drainage, the stormwater line.

shivne dam water scheme

Repair work on the Ravet embankment has been halted. Your work must be accelerated. A plan should be made to draw water from the Shivne dam instead of the Ravet dam. To do this, a piece of land must be acquired for the laying of the gas pipeline. The work on the Ravet embankment is progressing very slowly. This work must be expedited. If more funds are required for this, the state government will make them available. MP gave this assurance.

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Municipal Corporation officers should be given a salary increase, work on Mahatma Basaveshwar Maharaj statue in Nigdi should start soon, Pavana river improvement project development plan should be completed soon, their work should be speeded up, private hospitals in the city Camas there are fewer, they have many difficulties regarding the authorization of biomedical waste. To do this, he has suggested forming a mixed commission of three representatives of the hospital association and officials of the municipal corporation to solve the problems of the hospital.

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Soon there will be a meeting with the Minister of Defense

A survey should be done to see how many jobs are going on within two hundred meters of the Dehurod Ordnance (Munitions Factory) security wall and how many people will be affected. The Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Administration has sent a written letter to the Department of Defense clarifying that the building permit cannot be withheld. However, it is necessary to examine whether this applies or not. Barne MP also said that a meeting will be held in Delhi soon with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to ensure that the people of the region are not disturbed. He also gave this assurance.

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