murder case | Accused murder of 5 people found guilty, 11 to be sentenced

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Nagpur. District Judge and Sessions RS Pavaskar pleaded guilty on Saturday. On April 11, the court will sentence him. On the night of June 10, 2018, Palatkar murdered Kamlakar Motiram Pawankar (53), his wife Archana (45), his mother Meerabai (70), his daughter Vedanti (12) and his son Krishna alias Ganesh Vivek Palatkar (5 ), residents of Aradhananagar, Dighori.Had done Kamalakar, Archana, Vedanti and Krishna were sleeping in the same bed when Vivek killed them by hitting them on the head in the middle of the night. During this, when Mirabai woke up, Vivek killed her as well. He saved Vivek’s 7-year-old daughter, Vaishnavi, and Kamlakar’s 9-year-old daughter, Mitali. The case was investigated by Inspector Mukunda Salunke, while the prosecution was represented by Prosecutor Abhay Zikar.

The wife was also executed

In the year 2014, Vivek also killed his wife Savita in a similar way. In this case, the court of sessions had sentenced him to life imprisonment. He later he was acquitted by the High Court. His brother-in-law Kamlakar fought a legal battle over Vivek. All expenses were also borne by him. Kamlakar was also taking care of Vivek’s children. In 2017 Vivek was released from jail and stayed with Kamlakar for some time. Six months before the incident, he had rented Giripunje’s house in Kharbi and called himself Jhibkate. He had given farming to him in stock. Kamlakar asked him for Rs 5 lakhs for the expenses incurred so far from the sale of the farm. Because of this there was a dispute between the two. On the night of June 10, 2018, he mercilessly killed 5 people.

Will try to get the death penalty: Prosecutor’s Office

Vivek’s daughter Vaishnavi and Kamlakar’s daughter Mitali were eyewitnesses to this incident. Apart from these two girls, the testimony of the neighboring couple of the Pawankar family turned out to be important in this case. The prosecution examined the statements of 29 witnesses at the trial. Due to the strong evidence against the defendant, the prosecution was able to prove the murder charge. Now the government side will have to prove why the defendant should be sentenced to death. In the rarest of rare cases, the defendant is sentenced to death. The Supreme Court has established the criteria for capital punishment. Government lawyer Abhay Zikar said everything possible would be done to secure the death sentence for the defendants. For this, a hearing has been set for April 11. The prosecution was assisted by lawyer Mohammad Atiq.

Death sentence should be passed: Kishore Pawankar

Kamalakar’s brother, Kishore Pawankar, said that the police and the prosecution did their job with utmost sincerity. This bastard should be hanged. The person who can kill his son, royal sister and brother-in-law can do anything. Such a monster should not get any kind of relief. Vivek also brutally killed his wife. Even in jail, he has carried out a fatal attack on 2 people. If the mentally deranged Naradham survives, he may harm more people in the future.

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