Murder | Wife and son murdered, made up a story of getting drunk



Nagpur. A woman, along with her son, fatally assaulted her husband after a dispute arose over doubting his character. Later he himself took him to the hospital for treatment. He died during treatment. Both had reported the injury from falling under the influence of alcohol. The Kalamna police had registered a case of accidental death. Now the police have registered a case of murder and destruction of evidence. The defendants are Chanda Pratap Kulmethe (35) and her 17-year-old youngest son.

Both have been detained by police for questioning. This incident took place at 10:00 p.m. on March 7. Pratap Kulmethe (40) was an electrician. He was addicted to alcohol and used to argue with his wife every day. He even returned to his house on the night of March 7 after drinking alcohol. He called her wife Chanda. By refusing, he began to abuse by questioning the character.

Chanda also abused in return. Pratap picked up the vegetable knife kept in the house and rushed to kill him. When Chanda took the knife from his hand, he hurt himself. Hearing the sound, the son also woke up. He snatched the knife from Pratap saying that he will finish his daily routine. He tried to kill him by stabbing him in the chest and stomach. Pratap ran out of the house to escape.

Meanwhile, the son kicked Pratap and he fell out of the house. When the local people gathered after hearing the sound, the mother and son made up a story of having fallen under the influence of alcohol. Pratap was admitted to Mayo Hospital for treatment. He died on March 15. Even then, they both told the same story during the interrogation.

In the Panchnama, the police found marks of injuries on Pratap’s body, so the case remained suspicious. In the autopsy report, the doctor revealed that Pratap was killed with a sharp and slashing weapon.

He died due to an entanglement. Finally, during interrogation, her mother and son confessed to the murder. On the day of the incident, Chanda took her husband to the hospital for treatment with the help of the neighbours. During this, the son had cleaned up all the blood. The evidence was destroyed, so the police have registered a case in several sections.

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