Muzaffarnagar- Monthly Review Meeting of Organized Revenue and Non-Tax Jobs

Muzaffarnagar. (Muzaffarnagar News) Under the chairmanship of Additional District Magistrate (V/Ra) Arvind Kumar Mishra, a non-tax works and revenue review meeting was held at the Lokvani Auditorium located in the Collectorate. At the meeting, non-tax items, business tax, stamps and registration, excise, transport, energy, municipality/nagar panchayat, forestry department, mining, agricultural marketing/market committee, etc. were discussed.

The Additional District Magistrate (V0/Ra0) instructed the officers present in relation to non-tax and destination collection that pending revenue cases must be resolved by hearing them quickly. In some tehsils, expressing his dissatisfaction with the non-arrangement of promises according to the target, he gave instructions to set the target immediately. He gave instructions to eliminate usurpation in cases of stamps, indisputable inheritance of revenue code, indisputable filings, allotment of ponds, residential land, agricultural land, tree planting, etc., roundabouts and public use land.

He said that issues that arise in revenue recovery need to be resolved by putting together a team and doing the recovery work. He said that all the sub-divisional magistrates should take possession of the vacant government lands in their respective areas by marking them and registering them in the land bank register so that they can be used immediately if necessary. Instructions were given to increase the progress of the works done so far on works such as redress of complaints received under IGRS, written petitions, determination of khatauni shares, property plan, admission of khataunis according to the list, mafia against land .

When reviewing the IGRS, he said that when receiving the complaint, first mark it in the correct category, such as if a complaint is received from a complainant for housing, employment or any other demand, then mark it in the demand category. The Investigating Officer should go to the location and coordinate with the whistleblower and prepare the settlement report only after satisfying the whistleblower and feedback should be obtained from the whistleblower again while registering on the portal. Senior officials should check the portal regularly to ensure that no complaints fall under the delinquent category.

He instructed the Secretariats of Commercial Tax, Seal and Registration, Special Taxes, Transportation, Secretariat of Energy, Urban Development, Forestry Secretariat, Mining, etc. the target should be increased. Instructing all the magistrates/tehsildars of the sub-district, he said that Amins standard must be met in all tehsildars.

He instructed all Branch Officers to ensure immediate remediation of the problems facing the DFCC and NHAI schemes run by the Central District Government. The previous schemes are found in the government’s priorities and their follow-up is carried out from the General Secretariat. The ARTOs and the Commercial Tax Officer were led by the Additional District Magistrate (V/Ra) to ensure intensive check at the Purkaji border and other places overnight.

Because illegal activities are done only at night. Along with this, illegal transportation and overloaded vehicles must be seriously investigated and challenging measures must be taken. On this occasion, District Magistrates Additional Administration Mr. Narendra Bahadur Singh, all Deputy District Magistrates, all Tehsildars and all the officers involved were present.

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