Muzaffarnagar News: Theft Incident Disclosure: The Vicious People Arrested

Bhopa. muzaffarnagarR. (Muzaffarnagar News) Bhopa Police Station successfully revealed 05 boat theft incidents in which 05 charged vicious boat robbers were arrested. From whose possession 59 Bahts were stolen, 01 stolen Santro car with false license plate and illegal weapons was recovered.

Under the campaign being carried out under the direction of Senior Police Superintendent Sanjeev Suman to control crime and criminals in the district, under the close supervision of the Rural Police Superintendent and under the efficient leadership of Jurisdiction Officer Bhopa and the station in charge Bhopa, 05 Bhopa police station stole weights from weighing forks. Upon successfully revealing the incidents, 05 accused vicious robbers were arrested at Bhokarhedi bypass on the road to Sikri village. 59 stolen pesos were recovered, 01 stolen Santro car with false registration and illegal weapons in the possession of the defendants.

Regarding the arrest and recovery of the accused, the Bhopa Police Station is taking the necessary legal steps in advance. Defendant arrested Mustakim s/o Sagir r/o Village Sindavali PS Mansoorpur, Muzaffarnagar Hall resident New Basti Kukda PS New Mandi, Hussain s/o Noor Mohammad r/o Kukda PS New Mandi, Istkar aka Pappu s/o Naushad r/o Sikri PS Bhopa, Rajendra s/o Ratan Singh r/o Rampuri PS Kotwali Nagar, Israr S/o Islam, resident of Khalapar Police Station, Kotwali Nagar, Muzaffarnagar, in whose possession 59 iron weights (41 weights – 50 kg, 12 weights 20 kg, 06 weights – 10 kg), 01 Samsung mobile, 01 auto center were stolen, without registration, 01 false registration, 02 pistol with 02 live cartridges 12 caliber, 02 illegal knife.

During the preliminary interrogation, the arrested defendants Mustakim, Hussain, Istkar alias Pappu and Rajendra were told that the recovered Santro car was stolen by us about two and a half months ago from Kukda Police Station, Nai Mandi area. . After the closure of the sugarcane mill, iron weights are kept on the scales. The four of us used to do the reconnaissance of such scales during the day with this vehicle to find out where the weights were kept.

At some point in the night, they used to steal pesos from the scales. 12 weights from the sugarcane scale located on the road from Nanheda to Chhapar village and 01 mobile of the guard, 11 weighings from the weighing forks located in the Jadbad Katia forest, 22 weighings from the weighing forks located in the Ghissukheda and Charthawal forests, weights located in Mustafabad and Pachenda by the defendants. Incidents of theft of 14 baht from Kanto were committed.

In respect of which charges were registered at the relevant sections of Bhopa, Kakrauli, Nai Mandi and Charthawal Police Station. The defendant used to steal the pesos and sell them at the warehouse of the aforementioned accused fellow junker Israr.

Apart from this, the defendants also caused weight theft incidents in places like Meerut, Saharanpur, Haridwar etc. Local police are investigating the defendant’s detailed criminal record. The arresting police team included Mr UN Satyanarayan Dahiya, UN Raish Khan, Devendra Singh, HC Vikas Kumar, C. Shailendra Kumar from Bhopa Police Station, Muzaffarnagar.

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