Nagpur Corona Update | Again 22 new corona positives, the number of hospitalized patients increased

coronary crisis

Nagpur. There was relief from the decline in the number of corona patients on Friday, but once again the number rose on Saturday. In twenty-four hours, the tension has risen again after achieving a total of 22 new positives in the district. Along with the number of corona patients, those admitted to the hospital have also started to rise. At present, maximum 13 patients are admitted to doctors.

The administration has also been alerted about Corona. Meanwhile, of the total positives found in the district, 2 are rural patients and 20 from the city. There are currently 83 active cases in the district. While 28 patients are admitted to hospitals. Of these, maximum 13 patients are admitted to doctors, 1 to AIIMS, 2 to psychiatric hospital, 7 to railway hospital and 5 patients to private hospitals.

While 55 patients are in treatment remaining in home isolation. A total of 165 samples were analyzed. At the moment, only those people who are sick and admitted to various hospitals are being investigated. Meanwhile, 9 patients also recovered. Seeing the increasing number of patients, doctors have asked people to wear masks.

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