Narin, a man from Thailand, filed a lawsuit against his wife for winning crores in the lottery and then marrying the police

Thai man sues his wife over lottery: A woman in Thailand won around 2.9 crores in the lottery. After that she married someone else. Knowing this, her first husband was surprised.

The victim’s debt of lakhs
According to the report by Thailand’s Tiger Media, the victim’s name is Narin. Her age is 47 years old. He has filed a case against his wife on March 11. Narin says that he was married 20 years ago and has three daughters. According to local media reports, Narin was in debt of around 2 million baht (about Rs 48 lakh). She did not have the money to pay off such a large loan.

He went to South Korea in 2014 to earn money. While his wife Chaiwan was dedicated to the care of three children. During this time she used to send around 30,000 baht to her family every month.

married a policeman

After returning to Thailand, he found out that his wife had won a lottery worth 2.9 crores. And her wife hid the lottery from her husband. He called his wife from South Korea, but she didn’t answer. After this, he returned to Thailand on March 3. Upon arriving in Thailand, he learned that his wife had married a police officer on February 25.

About this the victim said she was surprised. I couldn’t understand anything. I’m disappointed. I didn’t expect my wife to do this to me. I only have 60,000 baht left in my bank account. She used to send him money every month. However, Chaiwan said that she married her boyfriend after winning the lottery. She had broken relations with her elderly husband. About this, the victim stated that she had no information about the breakup.

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