NASA issued a new hazard warning! 6 large asteroids moving towards the earth!

Believe it or not, meteorites or asteroids that move in space are a danger that surrounds our earth. These are also called minor planets or little planets. These are astronomical objects about which not much information is available. Recently, on January 1, 2023, that is, New Year’s Day, a 72-foot asteroid came close to the earth. Now, the space agency NASA has re-published information about many asteroids approaching Earth. One of these is said to be as large as the size of a building whose size is 260 feet. It will approach Earth on January 12. But before that, on January 9, another meteorite body will pass close to the earth. In this way, in the next few days it has been said that 6 asteroids will cross the earth. Let us tell you how much of a danger they pose to the earth.

The space agency NASA has issued a warning of many more meteorites approaching the earth. Asteroids have come close to Earth several times in recent weeks. Now another 230 foot asteroid is coming close to earth on January 9th. His name is 2021 TL. It is moving towards the earth at a speed of 30,420 kilometers per hour. According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), when this meteorite is closest to Earth, its distance will be 5,450,000 kilometers and it is moving toward Earth at a speed of 8.4 kilometers per second.

Asteroid 2022 YZ2 is also a large meteor that will come close to Earth on January 12. It has been described as being the size of a large building. Which is 260 feet in size. When it will be close to the earth, it will be at a distance of 6400000 km. Its speed is said to be 23,616 kilometers per hour. Following this, on January 13, an asteroid named 2022 YS5, said to be 130 feet in size, also approaches. On January 14, information has also been issued about two asteroids that pass close to the earth.

Recently, the space agency NASA had published information about the passage of the asteroid 2022 YR1 near Earth. It was as big as a commercial plane. It was closest to Earth on January 1, 2023. Which was at a distance of 6,250,000 km. There was no danger to the land from this. But scientists say that if for any reason the asteroid hits the earth, it can be very destructive. Their collision can be so effective that it can affect the entire world.

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