NASA shared this image of the universe, then people said: Har Har Mahadev, you know the whole thing.

The James Webb Space Telescope, the largest telescope deployed in space, is introducing the world to the mysteries of the universe. Last year and this year we also saw many photos taken from this telescope. These include the image of the Tarantula Nebula. The name of this nebula is also ’30 Doradus’, which is called a star nursery. Now, the American space agency NASA has shared an image. This image was produced using NASA Chandra X-ray data and infrared images from the James Webb Telescope.

Using two telescopes together, researchers have detected the remnants of supernova explosions. That is, when a star dies and there is an explosion, even after the debris comes out, the researchers detected it. These remnants will become part of the new stars. The James Webb and Chandra observatories also reportedly captured a group of “protostars.” They are like newborn stars.

This image of the Tarantula Nebula looks like a landscape. It doesn’t seem like it’s part of the universe. It seems that the artist has engraved the art on the canvas. The blue and violet part visible in the image shows superheated gases, that is, very hot. It is visible in the center and at the bottom of the image.

While the red, orange, green and light blue colors at the top of the image and on the left and right side represent cooler gas. The Tarantula Nebula is also important because, unlike our Milky Way, new stars are forming at a very rapid rate. According to NASA, this region is close to our galaxy, making it easy to study in detail to help us learn more about the universe’s past.

People are commenting on this NASA image in a number of ways. Some call it unreal while others call it wallpaper. Many people associate this image with Lord Shiva and write Har Har Mahadev. One user wrote that he feels like Mahadev has a child in his hand.


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