NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter flew over Mars at 14 meters and set a new record All details

NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter searches for signs of life on Mars. This helicopter has already set a record by completing 34 flights in the atmosphere of Mars. Recently, on December 3, it set a new record for the highest altitude by flying 14 meters above the surface of Mars. Previously, Innuati flew up to 12 meters high. It’s worth noting that when this small drone-like helicopter was sent to Mars, engineers had planned a total of 5 flights, but Ingenuity exceeded that number.

Ingenuity is a small solar powered helicopter. He landed on Mars on February 18, 2021 with the Perseverance rover. On April 19 of this year, he made history by flying over the surface of Mars. Initially it was believed that the Ingenuity helicopter would make around 5 flights to Mars, but going well beyond this number, Ingenuity has made 35 successful flights to Mars.

Interestingly, a critical software update for Ingenuity was released prior to the December 3 flight. NASA has reported that the software update has given Ingenuity two new capabilities. You can try to protect yourself from hazards during landing, and you have the ability to use a digital elevation map to navigate.

Prior to this, NASA teams had to ensure that the Ingenuity helicopter landed in a safe location while landing after the flight. There should be no rocks etc. But it was very difficult to find a safe place in the Jezero Crater region, because this place is rocky. After the new update, now the helicopter is capable of this task, it can find a suitable place to land.

NASA had taken this helicopter to Mars in February of last year. He has served as a rover for the Perseverance rover stationed on Mars. Perseverance Rover is searching for evidence of life there and has shown many special images to the world.

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