NASA’s ‘Maven’ reaches Mars orbit

  • jonathan amos
  • Science correspondent, BBC News


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The ‘MAVEN’ satellite of the US space agency NASA successfully reached the orbit of Mars.

After a ten-month journey in space, ‘MAVEN’ overcame deadlocks with the help of the launcher.

It reached the speed required to enter the gravitational field of Mars in 33 minutes.

‘MAVEN’ will study the atmosphere of the Red Planet, that is, Mars.

maven came first

‘MAVEN’ has been placed in such an orbit of Mars, where it will take 35 hours to complete one revolution of the planet.

image Source, Reuters


NASA’s Maven spacecraft left for Mars ten months ago

Scientists hope this will help detect the processes by which the air on Mars is unfit for use.

At present, the air pressure on Mars is so low that free water on the surface evaporates and evaporates.

The MAVEN data will help scientists develop better models of past and present atmospheric conditions on Mars.

‘Maven’ has reached Mars orbit 48 hours before India’s first Mangalyaan.

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