Nashik News | 4 lakh wells to be constructed in Maharashtra state protected area, information on groundwater survey report

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Nashik: According to the Ground Water Survey, 3 lakh 87 thousand 500 more wells can be built under MNREGA in the villages of the state protected area which will benefit the farmers of this complex. According to the survey carried out by the Groundwater Directorate, permission is given to build irrigation wells only in the safe category Panlot area in the state. In some areas of the state, the soil has been put to work by making wells. Due to the low water level, the expense is being wasted due to the unavailability of water even after drilling wells.

That is why it is necessary to make wells by practicing at the groundwater level of the premises. The groundwater survey report is important for taking advantage of wells under MNREGA. Under section 3 of the Maharashtra Ground Water (Regulations for Drinking Water) Act, 1993, construction of new wells within 500 meters of an existing drinking water source is prohibited. According to the government decision, irrigation wells should not be allowed within 500 meters of existing drinking water sources. Likewise, the 150-meter difference in level between two irrigation wells is not applicable. The minimum distance condition of 150 meters between two irrigation wells should not be applied to the runoff zone and families belonging to SC and ST and below the poverty line.

Well digging in 1,146 villages in Nashik district has been approved.

While irrigation wells are approved under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, 150 meters from private wells. The difference condition will not apply. Thus, the digging of wells in 1,146 villages in Nashik district only got the green light. In Nandgaon tehsil of 100 villages, individual wells will be built in 72 villages and community wells in 19 villages. Permission to build a well has not been granted in 9 villages.

The district area classification is as follows

overexploited area 13
exploited area 3
partially exploited area18
safe zone46

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According to the groundwater survey report, permission has been granted to build individual wells in 72 villages and community wells in 19 villages in Nandgaon tehsil. According to the survey, farmers in these towns can tap wells under MNREGA.

– SD Gosavi, Agriculture Officer, Panchayat Samiti, Nandgaon.

Under the MNREGA, I have submitted a proposal for the construction of wells for three years. In the geologists’ survey, we had to be deprived of the benefit of individual good since our town entered a semi-critical state. According to the new survey, we are now going to benefit from our village entering the safe zone.

– Kishore Deokar, MGNREGA Disadvantaged Beneficiary, Bangaon Budruk.

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