Nepal Plane Crash: Shocking Revelation From Investigation Committee Into Indications Of Yeti Airlines ATR-72 Plane

Plane crash probe in Nepal: An investigation is underway in Nepal into the huge plane crash that took place last month. More than 60 passengers, including crew members, lost their lives in the plane crash. An investigation commission was set up to find out the cause of the accident. That committee has made shocking claims in the report.

The investigation committee has said that after checking the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder of the Yeti Airlines ATR-72 aircraft, it has been found that the reason for the aircraft’s accident may have been a problem in its engine. Tell them that the plane crashed in Pokhara on January 15. It was supposed to land at the airport, while it fell just seconds before that.

The falling plane hit the top of the hill. There was a fire in it. Many passengers were burned alive in the fire. Even the bodies of many were not found.

Five Indians also lost their lives in the plane crash.
In this plane crash, five Indians also died in the plane crash. A total of 72 people were traveling on board the plane, including 68 passengers and four crew members. It was said that none of them survived. This was later confirmed by the Nepal Army. The military said no one could be taken out of the crashed plane alive.

Suspected technical failure
This was the biggest plane crash in Nepal in many years, which occurred some distance from the Pokhara airport. The plane had crashed on Sunday, January 15 at around 11 am The Nepal Army said in a statement that the 72-seater plane crashed 10 to 20 seconds before landing on the runway at Pokhara airport. The important thing was that before the accident there were no signs of danger from the cockpit of the aircraft. In the initial investigation, a technical failure was considered the cause of this accident.

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