Nepalese currency | Now the banknotes of Nepal will be printed on the Nashik banknote press, so many banknotes will be printed in a year.

Now the banknotes of Nepal will be printed on the Nashik banknote press, so many banknotes will be printed in a year.

Nashik Street: Nashik Road Currency Note Press has been commissioned to print 730 million 430 crore 1000 rupee and 300 crore 50 rupee banknotes of Nepal. Recently, an agreement has been signed with Nepal in this regard. Enthusiasm is running high among press workers after landing the job of printing 5.3 billion banknotes from their country along with the banknotes from Nepal. All these notes will be printed in one year.

The special thing is that while pushing back China, Nepal’s thousand rupee note and Nepal’s 50 rupee note, while pushing back France, Nashik currency note press has gotten the job, which is an important thing in itself. Let us tell you that without taking a year’s leave at the time of demonetization, the press workers printed billions of rupees and sent them by air, rail and across the country. For this work, Prime Minister Narendra Modi honored the press leaders in Delhi. As soon as the Corona period ended, the press workers were concerned that the central government started the work of printing digital currency, i.e. digital rupees, on an experimental basis.

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Due to the digital rupee in the future, the possibility of adverse employment consequences in the banking and banknote press sector was expressed. Therefore, instead of printing country notes only, Mazdoor Sangh Press had appealed to the Press Management for the job of printing other small country notes as well as other jobs, to which the management responded positively and to print nepal notes. .hired

The Reserve Bank inaugurated its own banknote printing factory

This information was provided by ISP-CNP Press Mazdoor Sangh General Secretary Jagdish Godse and Acting President Dnyaneshwar Jundre. From time to time, Press Mazdoor Sangh adopts policies to maintain the existence of the press and press workers. The union had demanded the modernization of the machines of the ISP, which prints passports, stamps, money orders, liquor stamps, and the CNP press, which prints banknotes from Re 1 to Rs 500. Under this, the modernization work has started, the Reserve Bank started its own banknote printing factory. Faced with such a situation, the central government also started the work of making digital money, taking this into account, the press administration began efforts to get the job of printing banknotes from other countries. In such a situation, the note printing job from Nepal has been received.

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