Nepalese transport workers set vehicles on fire, protesters clash with police in Kathmandu

Transport workers protest in Nepal: There was a riot in Kathmandu, the capital of the neighboring country Nepal. Transport workers set vehicles on fire and vandalized shopping malls in Kathmandu on Monday night (February 13). Protesters also clashed with police.

The ANI news agency has shared the video of the riots in Kathmandu. There you can see how the demonstrators have burned the vehicles. Public transport in the Kathmandu Valley is said to have been paralyzed since the afternoon when transport employers began protesting in the New Buspark area. Transport workers blocked a section of the ring road around the capital Kathmandu at night. After that, the police fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse the angry people, but could not control the situation.

Lathi charge against the protesters and the situation worsened
The riot escalated when there was a confrontation between the police and the protesters. Angry people set fire to two police vehicles. One vehicle belonged to the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Balaju, while the other vehicle was a patrol van used by the police. The agitators also set fire to a temporary police shelter in the area, they also set fire to temporary traffic police posts. The police had also charged protesters with lathi, but the number of injuries on both sides is still unknown.

Protest against new traffic regulations
The leaders of the agitators argued that these new traffic rules are not in the interest of public transport. According to the new rules, the traffic police in the valley are charging a fine of NR 1,500 per violation of traffic rules, which is higher than NR 500 for a first violation. People related to the transport industry are also complaining that the traffic police are also charging a hefty fine for parking vehicles on the roadside.

“Public transport will be stopped from February 14”
The transport operator agitators have demanded that, in the absence of organized bus stations, they be allowed to park their vehicles anywhere. He said that his protest is against the new traffic regulations. Transport operators have also announced plans to stop public transport within the Kathmandu Valley from Tuesday.

The Independent Transport Workers Association of Nepal, the All Nepal Transport Employers Association and the Nepal Transport Workers Union issued a joint press release saying that they will not operate vehicles in the Kathmandu Valley for the sake of the protest. .

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