New discovery | Maharashtra: Pune Scientists Made Great Success Now We Can All See Our Past



Fist: The National Center for Radiophysics in Pune, Maharashtra has made a big claim. The director of the center, Yashwant Gupta, says that we have made such a discovery through which radio signals have been detected in the emission of hydrogen gas from galaxies located millions of light years away. The biggest advantage of this will be that we will be able to see the galaxy present in the universe millions of years ago. Through this, we will also be able to see our past time.

Yashwant Gupta, director of the National Center for Radiophysics, said that with their help we will be able to reconstruct the history of the Universe. We made a new discovery related to the detection of radio signals emitted by neutral atomic hydrogen gas from distant galaxies in the universe.

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It is claimed that you can see the galaxy that existed millions and billions of years ago. This would allow the person to look back in time. This allows us to reconstruct the history of the universe. At present, according to which it is intended that according to that the secrets of the moon, the stars, the stars and the universe can be known. What is the source of the origin of the world of stars, the world of all of us. All this can be known.

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