New IPL 2023 Rules | This time IPL 2023 will be played in a different way, many rules and regulations have changed, know the complete rules

This time IPL 2023 will be played in a different way, many rules and regulations have changed, know the complete rules

Mumbai: Indian Premier League 2023 (IPL 2023) will start from March 31. Many major changes have been made in IPL Season 16 (IPL 16). New rules have been added by changing some old rules. Like the Women’s Premier League (WPL 2023), this year in the IPL, teams can also use DRS for other things like wide and off the ball.

IPL 2023 Rules and Regulations:

impact player

At IPL 2023, BCCI introduced the Impact Player rule. Please note that this rule has been implemented for the first time in IPL history. According to this rule, the team will now have the opportunity to play with 12 players instead of 11. Whenever a team has to use an impact player during the game, the referee will make a cross hand signal on the field.

What is the impact player rule?

According to the ‘Impact’ player rule, a team may select four of its 15 players before the game. Who can replace these players with the players included in game 11 at any time until the end of game 14. But, for this, the player must be Indian, if all four foreign players in the playing eleven are present. If there are three foreign players in the playing XI, one foreign player may replace the other as an ‘impact replacement’.

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Selection of playing XI after the draw

During the IPL 2023 matches, both captains will go to the draw with the team token. After the draw, they have to deliver a team sheet, which will go out onto the field. Until now, the captains had to hand over the team sheet to the match officials before the game.

use of drs

Teams will get two DRS for every ticket in every match in IPL Season 16. In addition to LBW and Cott Behind, you can also use it for wide and off the ball.


If you get caught, strike out the new hitter. unless it’s the last ball of the over

corona parties reschedule

If any team cannot complete their playing XI due to Corona. Then BCCI will reschedule this match. At the same time, after the players and support staff test positive for Covid-19, they will have to undergo 7 days of isolation. At the same time, you can join the team only after the report is negative.

complete the turn in the given time

If a team was unable to complete the innings in the stipulated time. Or you couldn’t complete the last one in time. Therefore, there will be an excess penalty of having only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle for each excess.

Wicketkeeper bug will cause big loss

The goalkeeper’s mistake can also cost the team a lot. If the goalkeeper commits a foul during the game. So as a result, 5 penalty runs will be awarded to the opposing team. With this, that ball will be called a dead ball. This will also happen as a result of a wrong move by the fielder.

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