New Parliament House | Rejected the petition presented in the SC on the inauguration of the new House of Parliament, know the whole matter

Supreme Court

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New Delhi. According to great news, today the Supreme Court has rejected the petition that requires the president to inaugurate the new Parliament House. The Supreme Court also clearly said that it is not our job to listen to such petitions and we will fine you for filing such petitions.

Yes, today the Supreme Court has rejected the PIL ordering President Draupadi Murmu to inaugurate the new Parliament House on the 28th of May. Report that attorney Jaya Sukin filed this petition on Thursday. In this petition, she said that the Lok Sabha Secretariat has violated the Constitution by not inviting the president to the inauguration. The Lok Sabha Secretariat, the Home Ministry and the Law Ministry have all become parties to the case.

On the other hand, lawyer Jaya Sukin said in the petition that he was also said to have been told on May 18 by the Lok Sabha Secretariat that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would inaugurate the new Parliament. Parliament is made up of the President and the two Houses of Parliament. The president is the first citizen of the country. The President has the power to convene and dissolve Parliament. He appoints the Prime Minister and other ministers and all work is done on behalf of the President.

It was also stated in the petition that it is therefore clear that the Lok Sabha Secretariat has arbitrarily issued the order without thinking. Not inviting India’s President Draupadi Murmu to the inauguration of the new Parliament House is a violation of the Constitution. The President also has executive, legislative, judicial, and military powers.

Significantly, earlier today Congress claimed that there is no documentary evidence to show that Lord Mountbatten, C Rajagopalachari and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru received the ‘Sceptre’ (Sengol) from the British government, described as the symbol of the transfer of power to India. At the same time, Congress was also prominently involved in demanding that the president inaugurate the new Parliament House.

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