Nitin Gadkari Road and Transport Minister said that India will lead the world in the drone sector. India will lead the world in drone sector, Nitin Gadkari told him the technology of the future

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Photo: PTI India will lead the world in the drone sector

Hearing the name of drone, we all start to fly in the sky of imagination. We believe that the way photos, videos, etc. are taken. with the help of drones, can the delivery of goods also be made with their help? The companies that currently deliver our products to our homes by bicycle or other means, can they also come with the help of drones? So the answer is yes. Although until now it was just a dream, now it has come true.

Drone technology is very useful for my ministry

Union Highways and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari launched Sky UTM in Delhi on Tuesday. Speaking at the event, he said it is time for Indian drone startups to lead the software industry. Drones are the technology of the future and their potential is beyond imagination. Drones make activities extremely efficient and profitable. Drones are used in all sectors, from construction, agriculture, healthcare, defense, infrastructure, surveying, real estate and transportation. He said that soon the Ministry of Roads and Transport will invite the participation of new drone companies to monitor in real time and expedite the construction of roads and also keep an eye on fatal accidents on the roads. The ministry will issue a tender very soon to run the campaign.

Game Changer in Sky UTM Drone Technology

Speaking about the new technology, Ankit Kumar, CEO of Sky Air, said: “It takes time for pilots interacting with AT controllers to react to any given situation, which increases the possibility of error in traditional aviation and management. of traffic. UTM changes the rules of the game in this sense, since by communicating digitally with the drone and connecting the traffic in the airspace, the communication takes place in less than a second and is infallible. Also, the biggest USP of Sky UTM is that it is a fully digital unmanned traffic management platform that communicates directly with all drones flying in the sky.

Sky UTM Drone

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Game Changer in Sky UTM Drone Technology

What is Sky UTM?

India’s first and only drone air traffic management platform “Sky UTM” is a cloud-based air traffic management system that integrates unmanned air traffic management systems with manned aviation airspace . Sky UTM is designed to provide autonomous navigation, risk assessment, connectivity and traffic management to all drones and other air mobility operators in the airspace. Sky UTM is capable of handling 4,000 flights per hour and 96,000 flights per day. Many new and innovative features of automated air traffic control have been provided in this software, including UTM tunnel.

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