NMC Budget | Manpa: budget preparation, marathon round of meetings at headquarters


Nagpur. According to the rules, although the amended budget proposed by the municipal commissioner for the next fiscal year must be submitted before February 20, but generally the budget has always been submitted in the third or last week of March, but there is no official permanent financial. in the municipal and financial corporation Due to the lack of coordination of the officer with other departments, some problems are definitely coming to light. Now the sources reported the start of the series of marathon meetings at the headquarters in the sense of preparing the budget. It is said that after meeting with all department heads, the development works of the concerned departments are being evaluated according to the requirement.

not have a headache

Some officials believe that this year there is no headache due to the absence of a pronouncement in the Municipal Corporation. In general, there is pressure from the representatives of the town for the provision of funds according to the necessary works in their divisions. Suggestions have now been sought from the people regarding the necessary development works in their area so that the planned expenditure can be incurred. Although it is cited that there is no headache from the administration, the sources have given information on how to receive instructions from the administration indirectly. It is said that on behalf of some senior councilors who were officials of the Municipal Corporation, the Administrator is still being asked to keep funds for the development of their area.

not yet permanent finance officer

The responsibility is in charge of the Finance Officer as in charge of the Municipal Corporation. Continuity in communication between officials is needed to assess income and expenditure by coordinating with departments, but due to the lack of availability of a permanent finance officer, the Municipal Corporation faces many problems. According to the sources, since the municipal commissioner also submitted the budget before, he is working under his direction, but he is not taking the momentum as a permanent finance officer. According to sources, there may have been some problems, but now the budget process has started. Department heads have also been instructed to submit proposals. Probably at the end of March or April, the budget is expected to be presented.

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