North Korea infuriates over joint US-South Korean military drills | North Korea vs. South Korea: US and South Korea drilled state-of-the-art fighter jets, then North Korea got angry, he said

North Korea South Korea Problem: Tension has risen between South Korea and North Korea in Northeast Asia. South Korea conducted a joint air exercise with the US, which included strategic bombers and stealth fighters. When South Korea reported on this joint air exercise on Thursday, it was seen as a warning to Pyongyang.

The South Korean Defense Ministry said Wednesday’s air exercise tested the United States’ cooperation against North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats and the capabilities of our defense system. The joint air exercise came a day after US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his South Korean counterpart vowed to boost security cooperation to counter an increasingly weapons-aggressive North Korea. nuclear.

Exercise America and South Korea

This was the first military exercise between South Korea and the United States in Northeast Asia. The South Korean Defense Ministry said its maneuvers involved long-range heavy bombers and stealth fighters, including the US Air Force’s F-22s, US Air Force B-1s, US and South Korean F-35s in the Yellow Sea.

The statement from North Korea has come in this exercise. He said that such maneuvers would spark riots in the region. A North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said the joint exercise between Seoul and Washington had crossed the “red line.” North Korea had previously declared itself a nuclear power and conducted weapons tests almost every month in defiance of international sanctions.

North Korea warned

A North Korean statement on KCNA, using the country’s official name, said the promotion of US-South Korean military exercises and the deployment of strategic weapons in the region “is part of the talks on the use of weapons nuclear weapons against North Korea. this. The statement warned that North Korea will adhere to its nuclear doctrine. At the same time, North Korea accused South Korea of ​​escalating the overall confrontation.

‘He is not interested in talks with the United States’

The North Korean Foreign Ministry said that we are not interested in any kind of contact or dialogue with the US as long as it continues its hostile policy and confrontational line.

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