Not only humans, trees also keep social distancing, IFS officer shared the video, see

Social distancing, when did you first hear this word? Most of the people would have become familiar with this word for the first time during the Covid-19 pandemic. During the Corona epidemic, people followed social distancing a lot. This means maintaining social distance from each other, to help prevent the spread of infection. But do you know that trees also follow social distancing?

A video has been shared on social media. Through this, an attempt has been made to say that just like humans, trees and plants also follow social distancing from each other. According to media reports, in this incident, the tops of the trees are kept away from each other. The trees do not touch each other with their tops. to this event
It’s called ‘crown shyness’ (hesitation). It is said that by doing this the trees are kept healthy.

Indian Forest Service officer Ramesh Pandey shared this video on Twitter. It represents ‘Crown shines’. He wrote, especially the canopy of trees of the same species do not touch each other. This is a type of social distancing, which is called corona shines.

Scientists do not explain it clearly. Different experts have given different theories of this phenomenon. Some believe that crown sinuses are produced between trees to prevent tree collisions and the spread of parasites. Some experts say that trees do this so that sunlight reaches all the branches. The video, shared a day ago, has so far garnered more than 61,700 views and more than 2,700 likes.

People are liking this video. commenting. Curiosity is also visible in many people’s minds because they are asking questions. In general the video is interesting. This 30-second video shows how trees keep their distance from each other.

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