Now you won’t be able to watch shows with a friend’s Netflix password! The company told how to stop sharing passwords.

Netflix will begin cracking down on password sharing in the first quarter of this year. The OTT company released its quarterly results last week. The new technology has been being tested in some countries for some time to eliminate password sharing, after the streaming giant claimed that users sharing their Netflix accounts cut into the company’s profits. Last year, the company announced its intention to crack down on password sharing. Netflix has now also said how the company will prevent users from sharing their account passwords.

According to a post on Netflix’s FAQ page, now only people who live in the same household can access a single Netflix account, and people who don’t live at the primary account holder’s address will have to use your own account.

Sharing passwords with users outside of the customer’s home will now be more complicated and users will likely be charged more for sharing the same account in different locations.

If a new device connected to the primary account is in a different location, Netflix will ask for a temporary 4-digit verification code, which must be entered within 15 minutes of requesting access. The device will have continuous access for seven days in any other location.

According to Netflix, users who travel with their primary device will have no problem accessing Netflix elsewhere. To guarantee access to Netflix, users will need to connect to their primary location’s Wi-Fi network at least once every 31 days.

Last year, Netflix added a new feature called “profile transfer” to crack down on the sharing of account passwords.

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