Odisha Koraput district man Amulu Pangi walked with the dead body of his wife Ide Guru over his shoulder as he returned from a hospital in Andhra Pradesh

The Odisha man walked with the dead body of his wife: A case of walking for several kilometers with the body of his wife slung over his shoulder has come to light in the Koraput district of Odisha. The woman had died in an autorickshaw on Wednesday as she was returning from a hospital in neighboring Andhra Pradesh. Later, the policemen saw Samulu Pangi carrying the body of his wife, Ide Guru, 30, on his shoulder and arranged for an ambulance to take the body to his village.

Wife was admitted to Visakhapatnam hospital

Samulu Pangi, 35, a resident of Koraput district, admitted his sick wife to a hospital in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. However, the doctors had advised her to take him back home. Samulu’s residence was about 100 km away. Pangi told the police that he called a rickshaw to return to his village, but his Guru’s wife died halfway near Vizianagaram.

Following this, the driver of the car refused to go any further, leaving it on the Chelluru bypass road. When there was no agreement, Pangi forcibly held his wife’s dead body on her shoulder and started walking towards her house. From where Pangi started walking, his house was about 80 kilometers away.

People gave information to the police.

When Pangi, finding no other way out, was heading home carrying the corpse of his wife on his shoulder, some locals saw him. These people informed the police. After some time, on the information of local people, Inspector of Rural Circle TV Tirupati Rao and Ganatyada Sub-Inspector Kiran Kumar arrested him. Initially, the Andhra Pradesh police officers found it difficult to determine what Pangi was saying due to the language barrier. Later a person who understands the language of the Odisha person was found. Then the police came to know what happened to him.

The police arranged an ambulance

The police officers, after finding out what had happened to Samulu Pangi, called for an ambulance. He took the corpse of Pangi and his wife to his village. Where Pangi thanked the police for his help. At the same time, the local population thanked the police for their timely action.

The incident was reminiscent of a 2016 incident in Odisha’s Bhawanipatna when another man, Dana Manjhi, carried his wife’s dead body on his shoulders for around 12 kilometers after being denied a hearse by a hospital. This incident had made international news and had become a source of shame for the Odisha government.

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