Old Pension Plan | Striking workers remained in the pavilion despite the rain

Civilian hospital handed over to subcontracted workers, thousands of patients suffer on the fourth day of strike

  • Despite the rain on the fifth day of the strike, a large number of striking workers turned out

bandara, The indefinite strike of state employees in demand of the old pension system continued for the fifth day despite the rain. During the five-day strike, it started to rain heavily in the Bhandara district on Saturday morning. Even in this rain, employees’ union officials were standing in the tent and holding up slogans from an old mission boarding house.

Despite the rain on the fifth day of the strike, the workers arrived at the mandap. In today’s strike, public awareness was made through Powada. During the strike, the officials in their speech warned the striking workers that the ruling political party organizations are trying to break the strike by joining the strike, urging them not to fall into their trap.

Due to the participation of treasury office employees in this strike, all government employees are less likely to receive their salary for the month of March. In addition, due to the total stoppage of several works at the end of March, its effect will have to be faced for many months. Today, on the previous fifth day, MLA Charan Waghmare came to the spot and extended his support to the strikers.

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