Operation Dost | Heartwarming Image From ‘Operation Dost’ Appeared In Turkey, Earthquake Victim Hugs Indian Soldier Who Sought Help

Woman hugs Indian soldier

Photo: @adgpi

New Delhi : The devastation caused by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria will hardly heal. Houses and buildings collapsed like a house of cards. People are still being pulled out of the rubble. Seeing the figures of death, the soul of the whole world shudders. Look at the death figures, it has crossed 20 thousand. So the citizens of all countries are praying for the people trapped in Turkey and Syria.

medical Center

Rescue teams from all over the world have arrived in Turkey. Rescue work continues for people trapped in the rubble. The Government of India has also turned to this bailout. India has sent rescue personnel there to help earthquake victims under Operation ‘Dost’ only after the devastation of the earthquake. At the same time, the Indian Army and NDRF personnel who arrived in Turkey are engaged day and night in rescuing people and providing medical facilities.

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engaged indian military personnel

In this episode, an image is going viral on social media. It is said that a picture by itself is worth a thousand words. This is exactly the same image, where a female earthquake victim hugs an Indian soldier as she welcomes him. Sharing this image on the official Twitter account of the Indian Army, it is written, “We care.”

Operation ‘Friend’

Let us tell you that the Indian rescue team also saved a 6-year-old girl safely in the city of Noordagi in Turkey. The spokesman for the Ministry of Interior tweeted: “The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), which arrived in Turkey under Operation ‘Dost’, rescued a girl. After which a beautiful picture of the female victim hugging Indian military personnel.

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