Outdated James Webb Telescope for NASA! Work started on the 2040 release, know the whole thing

What is the largest telescope deployed in space? Its name is the James Webb Space Telescope. This NASA telescope has started working since last year, that is, 2022, but the American space agency has started to think about the future. She is preparing for the launch of the new and larger space telescope in the future. Though it may take around 2 decades i.e. 20 years to launch. Let us know what the NASA readiness is.

You might be thinking that the James Webb Telescope has just started operating and will provide service for many years. So why does NASA need to work on a new telescope? Currently, NASA and all space agencies continue to prepare their projects for the future.

According to media reports, the James Webb Telescope was also planned many years ago, and then NASA’s Hubble Telescope was doing its job well in space. Hubble is still in service and NASA has begun operating the James Webb Telescope. Similarly, in the future also James Webb will be doing his job and the new NASA telescope will be launched.

The new telescope will reportedly be built based on what the US space agency has learned from its previous missions. At the 241st meeting of the American Astronomical Society, NASA officials outlined their vision for developing the telescope. The agency calls it the Livable Worlds Observatory. It will be a 6.5 meter space telescope.

NASA also calls this program the Great Observatory Technology Maturation Program, i.e. GOMAP. Mark Klampin, director of NASA’s Division of Astrophysics, told the meeting that the first of three phases of GOMAP is almost complete. That is, NASA has prepared plans and policies related to the new Space Observatory. In the second phase the concept of this observatory will be completed.

These are the expectations of the new telescope

According to reports, before preparing the new telescope, scientists are analyzing the priority of future missions. This includes potentially habitable planets, i.e. exoplanets, where life like Earth can exist. Apart from this, discoveries related to General Astrophysics are included.

Spacenews.com has written in its report that soon the team of scientists will see the design of the telescope. I will tell NASA which design can be better.

According to the information, the third phase of the project could start from the year 2028. Work on the Phase A of the Habitable World Observatory can start in the year 2029. There is a plan to launch the observatory in the year 2040. Although many scientists want for NASA to speed up their project.

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