Pakistan bankrupt Get help Saudi Arabia in IT sector create 1000 jobs with Rs 10 crore projects

Pakistan, which has been facing a financial crisis for the past few months, has planned to increase its presence in the IT sector with the help of Saudi Arabia. With the collaboration between the two countries, projects worth approximately $100 million will be undertaken in Pakistan over the next five years. It is expected to generate more than 1,000 jobs.

Prince Fahad bin Mansour of Saudi Arabia has announced this at Pakistan’s largest technology conference. He is also a co-founder of the software company ILSA Interactive. Prince Fahd also reported on the creation of a Saudi-Pakistani technology company. This will help in the ease of doing business between the two countries. “In the next five years, we aim to create more than 1,000 jobs in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries. We expect to have more than 300 projects with a total value of at least $100 million,” he added. Our company has ambitious plans. And for that we will partner with software companies and universities in Pakistan and other countries.”

ILSA Interactive has offices in Riyadh and Lahore. The company was started by Pakistani businessman Salman Nasir. Prince Fahd’s Tech House initiative plans to open a branch in Pakistan in addition to its headquarters in Saudi Arabia. He said the company wants to provide a means to increase collaboration between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has set out to increase business in other sectors to reduce reliance on oil revenues.

Saudi Arabia’s economy has suffered a setback due to falling oil prices. Because of this, Saudi Arabia has planned to increase business in many sectors to strengthen the economy. Under this plan, Saudi Arabia is partnering with other countries. Pakistan can also get help from this scheme to improve its economy. There has been trade between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for decades. However, Pakistan’s exports to Saudi Arabia have declined in recent years.

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