Pakistan Crime Karachi 140 Street crimes Looting and murders in a single day Government of Shehbaz Sharif

Rising Crime In Pakistan: Pakistan is currently experiencing a serious economic and political crisis. Inflation skyrockets in the country. Meanwhile, crime cases have also increased in the country. According to press reports, there has been a rapid increase in murder and robbery incidents in Karachi. Karachi witnessed 140 crime incidents including three murders and 36 cash theft incidents in a single day.

Giving detailed information on the criminal record in Karachi, the additional spokesperson for IG (AIG) said that there were 140 incidents of street crime in Karachi in a single day. These incidents include theft, robbery, and murder.

Increase in crime incidents in Pakistan

According to the ARY News report, this crime data was submitted to Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on behalf of Additional IG Javed Alam Odho. The report also revealed that 2 ATVs and 8 motorcycles were hijacked, while 85 motorcycles and 9 vehicles were stolen. According to the report, on six occasions there was shooting between the criminals and the police.

How many criminals arrested?

According to ARY News, 10 criminals were arrested on a wounded condition, while six criminal suspects were caught red-handed. In the last 24 hours, 129 suspects were arrested, including 24 street criminals, 21 car thieves, three murderers, and weapons were recovered from 15 suspects. Apart from this, among the criminals arrested, 23 were drug dealers and 155 were people involved in other crimes. According to ARY News, the police have seized 25 illegal weapons, seven kilograms of charas, 13 stolen mobiles and 25 vehicles.

How many lives were lost in criminal incidents?

Earlier, in the first week of January, Karachi Police Chief Javed Alam Odho had accepted that there has been an increase in the number of street crimes in the year 2022 compared to the previous year. He had said that due to the increase in street crime, we are seeing more loss of life. He said that over the past year 109 people have died in incidents related to road crime, while in 2021 robbers killed 75 people.

economic crisis in pakistan

Karachi Police Chief Odho said that in 2022, 129 suspects were killed in 889 police encounters, while a total of 38,286 accused were arrested. Let us tell you that Pakistan is currently going through a period of severe economic crisis. The food crisis is taking a bigger shape in the country. There has been a big drop in the value of the rupee against the dollar. People are facing energy shortage and inflation.

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