Pakistan inflation rate high Milk price 210 rs per liter angry people LPG gasoline diesel electricity price increase. Will Pakistan be declared bankrupt? Disaster in chicken rice, the price of a liter of milk is also 210 rupees

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Inflation at its peak in Pakistan

Pakistan: Standing in the midst of a severe economic crisis, Pakistan is on the verge of bankruptcy. Pakistan wants to take help from the IMF, the government is looking at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). But currently the IMF has kept quiet about giving a billion dollar loan. Inflation is at its peak in Pakistan, which is surrounded by problems on all sides, so there is whooping and whooping among the general public. People are paying sky-high prices for everyday items like milk, rice, chicken, vegetables. The Dawn news agency reported that milk prices in Pakistan have now risen from Rs 190 per liter to Rs 210 per litre.

Problems with arroz con pollo, flour is too expensive

Broiler prices have seen an increase of Rs 30-40 per kg in the last two days, and now cost Rs 480-500 per kg. Chicken in Pakistan is now selling for PKR700-780 per kg, which was previously selling for PKR620-650 per kg. The report says that the price of boneless chicken has reached Rs 1,000-1,100 per kg. At the same time, the price of a kg of rice has risen to 200 rupees per kg. Flour currently sells for Rs 120/kg, potato for Rs 70/kg, tomato for Rs 130/kg and gasoline for Rs 250/litre.

Why the price of milk has risen, know

On milk prices, Waheed Gaddi, media coordinator for the Karachi Milk Retailers Association, told the Dawn news agency that “more than 1,000 traders are selling milk at inflated prices. These are actually wholesale shops. /dairy farmers and not ours”. he said that if the price increase announced by dairy farmers and wholesalers is not reversed, the price of milk will rise to PKR 220 per liter instead of PKR 210.

On the rising rates of poultry, Kamal Akhtar Siddiqui, general secretary of the Sindh Poultry Wholesalers Association, said the wholesale rate for live chicken was Rs 600 per kg while the rate for meat was between 650 and 700 rupees, according to the report.

Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves have reached the lowest level since 1998. Now they are only $3 billion, so Pakistan will not be able to cover even a month’s worth of imports. On the other hand, there is no trace of the loan received from the IMF in Pakistan.

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