Pakistan plans US-backed retaliatory attack on TTP Pakistan plans US-backed retaliatory attack on TTP

Digital desk, Islamabad. The Pakistan Army and Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are now looking at each other, with the country’s army now planning a massive counter-offensive against the TTP.

A South China Morning Post report suggests that Pakistan is likely to launch a major ground and air offensive to attack the positions of Pakistani Taliban militants in Afghanistan, which could lead to a breakdown in relations with the neighboring country.

On Monday, Pakistan’s civilian and military leaders issued a stern warning that the full force of the state would act against any and all institutions that resorted to violence. This comes against the backdrop of the TTP’s escalating attacks on Pakistan and after taking refuge in its friendly ally, the Afghan Taliban.

Pakistan’s fragile economy is already on its knees waiting for an IMF bailout. Despite this, the civil-military leadership is planning this counteroffensive, in order to drain the swamp. There are clear signs that the US is backing the plan. The neon signs of this new war on terror came last week when the Pakistani civil-military leadership, under the auspices of the National Security Committee (NSC), called for zero tolerance for terrorism in the country.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif chaired the NSC meeting, which was also attended by Bilawal Bhutto, who advocated a new policy against the rebels. Sharif’s government said that Pakistan reserves all rights to protect its people, signaling a strong response to TTP-backed terrorist activities According to the SCMP, the Pakistani leadership’s statement is a clear indication that it is committed to Afghanistan. a major offensive backed by an air campaign against the camps.

Yes in Singapore. There will definitely be a big grassroots campaign, Abdul Basit, a research fellow at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies, told SCMP. Intelligence-led attacks will be used to drain the swamp. He told This Week in Asia that there is great potential for the use of drones in airstrikes and cross-border operations. Some flights are expected to take place within the Afghan border area.

According to the Pakistani government, approximately 7,000 to 10,000 TTP terrorists, along with 25,000 of their family members, are based in Afghanistan. The US position on this new plot was confirmed when Bhutto confirmed that the US was willing to provide funds to Islamabad to help it increase its border security to prevent cross-border attacks from Afghanistan.

Congress approved hundreds of millions of dollars in funds to help Pakistan with border security as part of the 2023 US budget, Dawn said. Bhutto’s response to Dawn made it clear that while the US seems interested in cooperating with Islamabad in the fight against terrorist attacks from Afghanistan.


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