Panj Tirath Pakistan Peshawar pilgrimage issue High Court summons senior official in land demarcation case

Panj Tirath Pakistan Edition: Fundamentalists tried multiple times to evict and invade the family park and historic Hindu religious site ‘Panj Tirath Pilgrimage’ located in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. An influential person has also taken possession of your building. This matter has been in court for many years. On Friday (Feb 10), a court summoned a senior government official after hearing arguments in the Panj Tirath-related land demarcation case.

Named after the five water pools present there, Panj Tirath was declared a national heritage site in 2019 by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government in northwest Pakistan. However, this heritage site, with two temples and a gateway, is in a dilapidated state and is in need of archeological conservation. Most of its land is owned by the Chacha Yunus Family Park, while the buildings are being used as warehouses by the owner of the park.

Hearing in the Peshawar High Court on the Panj Tirath case

In this matter, a two-member panel of the Peshawar High Court heard arguments on Thursday and summoned the deputy city commissioner of Peshawar. According to the PTI news agency report, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Archeology Director Abdus Samad Khan, Additional Advocate General Sikandar Hayat Shah and officials from the Auqaf department appeared in court. Where Samad told the court that his department had held several meetings with Auqaf’s department and the park administration.

Samad Khan said that some issues related to the case have been resolved, he also said that the issue of land demarcation remains unresolved. According to government records, the total area covered by Panj Tirath is about 14 canals (1.75 acres) and seven marlas (0.04 acres). However, a large part is now part of the Chacha Yunus Family Park, which has been leased by the district government.

We tell you that in the Hindu religious place ‘Panj Tirath’, declared a national heritage, there were five ponds of the religious place. But, the squatters ruined the condition here.

much of the pilgrimage land was annexed

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Archeology Director Samad made a statement to the court, saying, “The park administration wanted to give only one kanal (0.125 acres) and 11 marlas to the archeology department while our archaeological site has 5 kanals ( 0.625 acres) and 11 marlas.” marla (0.06 acre).” The official said that the park administration did not allow the officials to enter the temple through the park. At the same time, the official of the Department of Auqaf said, “We need more time to solve other problems related to the demarcation of land between the park and the archaeological site, which also houses the Panj Tirath temple.”

Panj Tirath was a major Hindu pilgrimage site in Peshawar.

Panj Tirth was a major Hindu pilgrimage site in Peshawar before 1947. Archaeologist SM Jafar wrote in his book ‘An Introduction to Peshawar’ published in 1952 that “The Panj-Tirtha (Five Tanks) is one of the places of interest and antiquity. This is the most important site in or around Peshawar, dating from the Buddhist period.” According to a 2019 report in the Friday Times newspaper, archaeologists believe that Panj Tirath has traces of the Buddha’s begging bowl.

King Pandu used to come here to bathe.

It is believed that Pandu, a mythical king in the Mahabharata, belonged to this region and used to come to bathe in these pools during the Hindu month of Kartik (between October 23 and November 21) and worship under the trees for 2 days. . do

The site was damaged during the reign of the Afghan Durrani dynasty in 1747 and restored by local Hindus during the period of Sikh rule in 1834 and worship resumed.

The Directorate of Archeology has called on the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to vacate the invasion site and allow archaeologists to carry out much-needed conservation work. Along with this, there has also been a demand to build a perimeter wall around the site.

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