Pathan 2 is coming too! Do you know where director Siddharth Anand took the hint?

Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ has created an uproar in the industry since its release on January 25. The box office take of the film is rising rapidly and has surpassed many popular films in terms of revenue. In less than a week, Pathaan entered the 250 crore club in India and the 500 crore club at the global box office. Now, it seems that after this success, the team can prepare to bring Pathaan 2 i.e. the sequel.

To celebrate the success of Pathaan, all the actors and the director held a press conference at the Taj Lands End Hotel in Mumbai, where they all mentioned many interesting things related to the film. Since then some clips related to this conference are being shared on social media, where Pathan director Siddharth Anand and actor Shah Rukh Khan are saying such a thing, that it seems that in the coming times we will see Pathan 2 i.e. , see the sequel. .

At the time of the press conference, the director took everyone by surprise when he said, “Pathan aayi hai, hit hui hai. What will you do after that?” The fans then chant “Pathaan 2”, to which Siddharth simply says “Insha Allah (God willing)” without saying it clearly.

Later, when Shah Rukh Khan was asked to react, he said: “It’s a great day for us, for my family. We haven’t felt this happy in a long time. Me and my co-actors are my friends.” very happy with the opportunity they have given me. Insha Allah! Whenever they want me to do Pathan 2, I’ll try to be bigger and better and grow my hair longer. If you want to do a sequel, do it. It would be an honor. for me.”

Although both veterans haven’t explicitly said they’re working on or thinking about Pathaan 2, Pathan’s success makes it clear that fans will be eagerly awaiting its sequel.

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