Pathan Box Office Collection Day 9: Rs 650 crore became ‘Pathan’! Breaking the record of ‘Dangal’, the film moves towards Rs 1000 crore!

Pathan Box Office Collection Day 9: Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan is rocking the box office. Along with India, Pathan movie is gaining huge all over the world. In terms of earnings, he has left Aamir Khan’s Dangal behind. Pathan has earned around 650 crores worldwide. It’s been 9 days since the movie was released. Let us tell you how Pathan has raised the profit flag in these 9 days.

Pathan, released on 25 January 2023, earned Rs 57 crore on the first day and proved that the Boycott gang seemed to have no effect on the film. The film crossed the ₹100 crore mark worldwide on the day of its release and became one of the first Hindi-language films to open with such a huge opening. The film entered the 200 crore club on the fourth day and left KGF-2 and Bahubali-2 behind. In this week, the film earned Rs 16 crore the day before i.e. Thursday and its grossing reached Rs 365 crore in India.

According to the Box Office India report, the film has earned more than Rs 650 crore worldwide and this trend continues. Now it looks like if this movie touches the Rs 1000 crore lifetime collection figure, then perhaps there are no surprises. Because there have not yet been 10 days for its premiere. The film that earned Rs 650 crore in such a short time may soon become the first Hindi film to earn Rs 1000 crore.

The report says that Pathan will easily break the world record for the film Dangal. Dangal’s worldwide collection is said to be 702 crores. At the same time, this collection for Bahubali is said to be 801 crores. As for Pathan, it is only 50 crores away from 700 crores and has not even reached the 10th day of its release. Consequently, he seems to be on his way to easily breaking the records of Dangal and Bahubali. Along with this, it has also been said that even in foreign countries, his madness has not been reduced by much. The film is a bit weak in the United States and Canada, but in the Gulf countries it is moving forward with the same enthusiasm. From its pace, it seems that in the coming days it may set many such records, which will not be possible to break for the biggest Hindi movies to come.

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