Pentagon released UFO report, find out what the US government thinks about ‘aliens’

The United States government is working very seriously regarding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Last year, there was a hearing in the United States on UFOs, in which US deputies participated. At this hearing, for the first time the UFO sighting point was accepted by the US government official. At the same time, an office was opened at the US Department of Defense headquarters called the Pentagon. In this office, cases related to UFOs and UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) were analyzed. Now the Pentagon has published its UFO report. Let us know what is mentioned in it.

According to the information, the US government has so far collected 510 UFO-related reports. According to media reports, the government on Thursday said it has not found any evidence of extraterrestrial creatures, meaning aliens so far. Despite this, the United States has viewed UFOs as a threat.

The Pentagon office that investigates UFO cases works closely with intelligence agencies. Many of the reports the bureau analyzed were reported by US Air Force pilots. We have also told you previously that a large number of Air Force pilots in the United States share information about UFO sightings.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has said in its prepared report on UFOs that such incidents continue to occur in restricted and sensitive airspace, which is cause for concern. It has also been said in the report how many UFOs were seen in those places where nuclear power plants work and nuclear weapons are kept.

Of the 510 reports collected by the US government, 144 objects are from the past, while 366 objects have been reported as new. The report described these objects as objects similar to balloons and unmanned aircraft systems. In general, the Pentagon has not linked UFOs to aliens in its reporting, but has seen them as a threat to US security. This investigation will continue and new information may emerge in the near future.

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