Peru | The epidemic spread in Peru, bird flu killed hundreds of sea lions, 55,000 wild birds also died



Peru: There is currently an epidemic in Peru. This epidemic has come as a time for marine creatures. Bird flu spreads here. Due to which hundreds of living beings died. In recent weeks, 585 sea lions and 55,000 wild birds have died. Death is said to be due to the H5N1 bird flu virus, Peru has given this information.

The Sernanp natural areas protection body said that after finding 55,000 dead birds in eight protected coastal areas, park rangers determined that they all died from bird flu. Alongside this, 585 sea lions were also killed in 7 marine protected areas. After this, after investigation in the laboratory, it was found that bird flu spreads here.

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Peru’s National Forest and Wildlife Service has called on the public to avoid sea creatures and seabirds on the beach and to stay away. He also appealed not to go with pets. An alert has been issued. At the same time, preparations are being made to deal with it.

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