‘Pillars of light’ seen in America groaning with cold, is it related to UFO? know the reality

The Cyclone Bomb has forced all of America to ‘moan’ from the cold. The temperature is negative in most of the country’s cities. The snowstorm and severe cold have caused loss of life and property. Meanwhile, strange lightning bolts are visible in many areas of America. The scientific side of these ‘pillars’ of light is very general, but people are reportedly seeing these rays connecting them with UFOs, i.e. Unidentified Flying Objects.

These pillars of light are reported to form on winter nights when light collides with millions of ice crystals in the air. According to Accuweather meteorologist David Samuel, these airborne ice crystals are very small in size and form only when the temperature is minus below zero.

It is most visible in temperatures from minus 10 to 20 degrees. Last week, due to the bomb cyclone in the United States, the temperature in most areas dropped below minus and ‘pillars of light’ were visible. Although it is not the first time this has happened. Such objects emerge in winter all over the world. This time the pillars of lights seen in America are longer than previous years. Meteorologists are accepting the cold as the reason for this.

The United States faced the fury of the cold last week. Even now people are dealing with its effects. All this was the result of the winds coming from the Arctic, which showed their effect from America to Canada. In many cities, the temperature was well below freezing. In the US city of Chayan, the temperature had reached 22 degrees below zero.

This form of weather in the Americas originated with the Arctic Blast. These cold winds affected the upper atmosphere of America. Due to its effect, the warm and humid air of America also cooled and became dangerous weather. This is how the Cyclone Bomb was born.

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