Players can take a break from T20 cricket but definitely not from the ODI format: Gambhir | Players can take a break from T20 cricket, but absolutely not from the ODI format: Gambhir

Digital desk, New Delhi. Former player Gautam Gambhir, who scored 97 points in India’s win over Sri Lanka in the 2011 ODI World Cup final in Mumbai, believes it is important to focus on playing more 50+ matches in 2023 and retain players from current cricket until the World Cup. .needed If you want to take a break, you can take it from T20 matches.

Gambhir said that playing ODIs is definitely necessary this year. If they want to take a break, people who play more than three formats, they can definitely take a break from T20 cricket, but not from the ODI format. He further said: I think the biggest mistake Indian cricket has made in the last two World Cups is that these players have not played enough cricket together. Tell me, how many times have we gotten the best to play 11 on the field?

We didn’t do that, only during the World Cup we decided to have the best playing 11, but unfortunately they were never the best playing 11,” Gambhir said on Star Sports’ Road to World Cup Glory show. With the BCCI saying the National Academy of Cricket (NCA) will work with the IPL franchises to monitor the workload of the players during the IPL 2023, Gambhir believes that the World Cup has more importance than the IPL this year.

Indian cricket is the main player, not IPL. IPL is just a by-product. So if India wins the World Cup, it will be a great opportunity. For example, if a major player misses an IPL match, so be it, because the IPL happens every year and the World Cup happens once every four years. That’s why I think winning the World Cup is more important than winning the IPL. Krishnamachari Srikkanth, a former cricketer and chairman of the selection committee that chose the 2011 ODI World Cup-winning Indian team, said the squad for the 2023 World Cup should be finalized by the time India plays ODI against Australia in September.

I think, in my opinion, by the time the Australia series is over, this will be my best team. If I were the chairman of the selection committee, I would say, look at the form in IPL. So maybe make some minor changes. I can’t wait until the Asian Cup and say yaar, after this Asian Cup I will select the team, not at all. As soon as the Australia series is over, we have to tell them that they are going to play the World Cup, come on, do well in the IPL, keep up your form there, make sure your fitness is top notch. Srikkanth said that if I were the chairman of the selection committee, I would have done the same.


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